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Kotal Kahn is supposed to be a blood god with clear inspiration from traditional mayan garbs -- his outfit makes sense. Yeah, she's definitely monstrous. Message 21 of 62 1, Views. But this is how men evolved. Message 32 of 62 1, Views. But her sex appeal, while I guess niche though it really isn't, she's an almost naked female body is very intentional as well. Mileena i can understand and maybe Jade or Sheeva because she is a big monster like goro who wears close to nothing.

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Netherealm studios should make the girls have different body models and make the designs look better instead of a piece of cloth.

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33 Hot Pictures Of Jade From Mortal Kombat

Sometimes its better to leave the real world as it is and enjoy the fantasy and entermainment world. She's no different from Goro and if they cover her up so should Goro get full armor! No,it's because those outfits looked stupid on everyone else besides Mileena. Great female character without any need to show skin or look like a prostitute. It would be such a great design for Kitana. I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of fake looking breasts. Message 24 of 62 1, Views.

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