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Come on guys, give the girls a break - clearly it's not uncommon! I am very embarrased. If it is incontinence then the doctor will be able to discuss what may be the best treatment going forward. This absorbs most of the pee. I have a neurogenic bladder and it causes me to urinate uncontrolably during sex.

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I also have a prolapse from the vagina i just wondered if that had anything to do with it.

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Peeing During Sex: Causes, Treatment, and More

I also have this problem, and it is making sex slightly uncomfortable. I have only had this problem the last 12 months my partner has not noticed really he thinks it female ejaculation and is well impressed with himself as he feels he has improved in the bed area. This causes my vagina to smell and is another reason my boyfriend is put off. My recent partner and i had sex n the next day he told me that i had urinated during sex as he saw it on his bed sheets, so that must have been wot the fluid leak was al the other times i had sex. Once iam feeling it i couldn't control.

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chick peeing while sex
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chick peeing while sex
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