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She found herself thinking. The very moment, the moment they reached the climax, the peak of orgasmic pleasure, was ironically the moment it had to happen, to make it most embarrassing. Before the togruta could get the chance to do so, Riyo stood up and pressed her amazingly curved, perfect butt against the hard manshaft. It was visible even on Ahsoka's orange face, as a slightly darker color poked through. With a suggestive look, Riyo lowered her head until her upper lip met with Ahsoka's clitoris and forced the orange thighs shut against her ears. However, Ahsoka's awareness of the fact was not quite enough to keep her from feeling at least a little embarrassment.

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It was she who started it.

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Ahsoka swung around again in mid air and took Rex's wet, throbbing shaft in her mouth and forced it down her throat as soon as she could, all just in time to seize Rex, halt his fall, land in a 69 position with the captain and force her fully moist pussy against his lips. Her muscles tensed in excitement as the tip of Riyo's tongue left its hiding place and started rubbing against the clit and inner lips. Remember your lessons about temptations that could lead to attachment and other complications. Chuchi's eyes turned questioningly to Ahsoka, who shrugged in response, but eventually sighed and leaned toward the senator. She couldn't believe it. And as for you captain, clone troopers are not permitted such activities until discharged. The lighting in the room was dim, but still enough to see what was going on.

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nude star clone wars
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nude star clone wars
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