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Hooters employees are able to get a free meal while they're working, which is a nice perk. That's right — they can get free salad, but have to pay out of pocket if they want some fries. However, they can't just fish out any old socks from their dresser. It sounds a little harsh and crazy — after all, sometimes you just don't want to bother changing until you're in the comfort of your own home — but it turns out, this rule is mostly to protect the Hooters girls themselves. Well, they manage to get away with hiring based largely on looks because they don't claim to hire servers — they apparently hire 'entertainers. Is it to add a little visual interest alongside a plate of fries and wings? And, it's not as if the hose are supplied as part of the uniform — it turns out, the Hooters girls are forced to buy their own panty hose, and it needs to be in the official, mandated "suntan" colour, a shade designed to make their legs look tanned and gorgeous.

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However, the rule seems a bit silly for a restaurant.

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However, listen up — they're only allowed the free meal if they opt for something on the arbitrary 'healthy' menu. A fresh take on sports: If you've ever been in a Hooters and watched the girls bust out into a dance routine when a certain song came on, you might just think they were really great dancers who were totally in sync. One question many people have when they think about Hooters is how it's even allowed to hire employees based largely on their looks. Okay, we can kind of understand how a chain like Sephora would require employees to wear make-up at all times — after all, that's what they're selling, and there's a big chance a customer might be inspired to buy a product after seeing it in an employee's look. So, if you've ever considered being a Hooters girl but worried you didn't meet the cup requirement, worry no more — no such thing exists. Is it to add a little visual interest alongside a plate of fries and wings?

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hooters putting on pantyhose
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hooters putting on pantyhose
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