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When she opened her eyes she realized that she had bopped a wild Slugma on the head. Most everyone in the small town below is retiring to their homes for the night. Good thing that the temperature was controlled and comfortable. The nuzzling flipped her switch. As she rose up from the hot spring, Slugma's eyes grew big. His cock slowed down considerably, slowly inching up her vagina.

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Then her right hand glided down her stomach and combed her fingers through her red pubes.

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Good thing that the temperature was controlled and comfortable. Even with all this nice stimuli, Flannery couldn't just lay back and let her hips and his dick do all the work. Flannery could feel his warm jizz ooze out of her vagina and trickle down her ass, mixing with her juices and sweat. Slugma's eyestalks were spasming a little, indicating that he was close to cumming. As the pumping increased in pace, she twirled her clit with her thumb. He's so damn ticklish! Slugma nodded in understanding.

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flannery from pokemon getting fucked
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flannery from pokemon getting fucked
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