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The girl then asked Yam to have sex with her and took off his clothes. Tuesday, 15 June, While Indian athletes struck gold during the Commonwealth Games, some enterprising individuals used the opportunity to rake in the moolah. Nearly four days after the horrific rape and torture of a four-year-old girl in Delhi, no one has been arrested. What is undeniable, however, is that India is in the throes of a seeming rape epidemic, with almost daily reported occurrences of assaults against women, girls and even babies. Sex traders who rode Audis, Santros.

Condoms, sex issues no more a taboo at Jamia.

Nude photos of girl, 11, and boyfriend, 16, land him in court

Sex traders who rode Audis, Santros Delhi News mid-day. Five girls and two touts were arrested in this connection and an Audi and Santro were also recovered. Top of the World. Yam took off the girl's clothes and had sex with her, using a condom. Home Topic Delhi Sex Racket. High-profile sex racket busted, 7 foreigners held.

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