Star wars naed sax

And it turned out that I was very entrancillated [sic] with all that. I fell in love with that solo on that record. He was not featured. It was there, at years, that I started playing with a fair amount of emotional expression, where you could say it was a primary outlet for me emotionally. Is making music out of it. John Williams is the original composer, while I am just the arranger.

John Williams wrote the original music heard in the movies.

Oscar Isaac

Was your style similar then? Actually, there was none of that, which he was famous for. He produced Al Green, man, and all that stuff. I think my style was pretty similar. Like, I threw myself into learning about the craft of writing, about writing for orchestras. While in Miami, he played lead guitar and sang vocals for ska-punk band The Blinking Underdogs. Then I found out that two of those guys were moving back here, and it was time for me to do it.

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