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Beast Boy recommends this article! They are later seen on the rooftop of the Tokyo tower. A high point for the series both critically and commercially was its famous " The Judas Contract " storyline, in which the team is betrayed by its member Terra to its archenemy Deathstroke. Because I don't think it's really important. The series continued with the characteristics of the main characters, but ignored the events of the Ravagers spin-off, presenting Beast Boy both green and in line with his animated series characteristics.

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After his teammates chose to stay and were consumed by Plasmus, Robin almost fell in a tub of acid before being saved by Cyborg.

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Teen Titans

Everyone can very well see that they're smitten by each other, including the villains, but neither of them admitted their feelings until the movie Teen Titans: In the early '00s, Marv Wolfman and George Perez approached DC about completing the book as a stand-alone graphic novel. Retrieved April 28, Robin responds by using her name. In DC Comics and other incarnations, Robin is even toned and playful despite some outbursts of rage, such as when he learns of his parents' killer and when he eventually stops working as Batman's sidekick a situation that is mentioned in a roundabout way in the episode " Go! Raven later returned to the team, reborn in a new teenage body while Jericho was brought back, having escaped death by possessing and laying dormant inside his father Deathstroke's mind. Robin calls on his team of Robins, Batman's other sidekicks, when the other Titans are too lazy to fight crime.

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