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Do sperm whales attack people? Retrieved 19 Jan In particular, colonization of the Atlantic was revealed to have occurred multiple times during this expansion of their range. The name sperm whale is a truncation of spermaceti whale. It is among the most sexually dimorphic of all cetaceans. The earliest available species-group name for a southern hemisphere sperm whale is Physeter australasianus Desmoulins, Thunder Bay Publishing Co.

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Marine Mammal Laboratory

Sperm whales are among the most cosmopolitan species. Males range from equator to polar regions, while females and juveniles migrate north too although they usually spend more time in temperate regions. The University of Chicago Press. The sperm whale's flukes tail lobes are triangular and very thick. Do the twist One clue comes from observations of whale hunting in the wild made by study team members Peter Tyack and Peter Madsen, of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the University of Aarhus in Denmark, respectively. It is estimated that the historic worldwide population numbered 1, before commercial sperm whaling began in the early eighteenth century.

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sperm whale eat
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sperm whale eat
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