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Nightwing is having trouble finding things to keep him busy during the day due to the cast on his right arm. Now grim and hardened by the death of a child whom he holds himself responsible for, Dick vanishes into the stormy night alone to brood. He has opted to give up on having a normal job, and instead intends to put all his effort into protecting the city. Feeling hurt and betrayed, Bruce and Dick would remain at odds with each other, never fully sorting out their strained relationship. Nightwing is captured by the Crime Syndicate of Earth 3 and has his true identity revealed to the world. However, after discovering that Barbara has approved of Stephanie as her successor, she and Dick came to an argument as he still sees Stephanie as a reckless youth. This article has multiple issues.

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Nightwing for himself, and Flamebird for Jimmy.

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Richard Grayson (The Batman)

Nightwing becomes depressed and Oracle tries to bring him out of it. Starting with issue 19 there was a change in the suit. At the end of the arc, Nightwing is responsible for killing the Joker against the wishes of Batman and Oracle. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Hush is forced to cooperate with the Justice League of America and the Outsiders, only being seen as Bruce Wayne only to ensure that it appears that Wayne is in fact still alive. Young Justice Goes Under Cover".

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